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FFTC Agricultural Policy Articles
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The establishment of the FFTC Agricultural Policy (FFTC-AP) Platform in 2013 is directed toward collecting and disseminating the latest information on agricultural policies from various countries in the Asian and Pacific region, including Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. The information sources include invited and submitted analytic and research papers by agricultural professionals and policy experts mainly in Asia, as well as the latest news from academic and country reports. The main objective of the FFTC-AP Platform is to establish a database of national agricultural policies for sharing and exchanging agricultural policy information across different countries.

To date, more than a thousand articles have been published in the Platform under 30 categories. The categories include topics such as Food security and safety, Overview of agricultural policy, Production policy, Smart agriculture, Farmers' welfare and retirement system, Agricultural human resources development, Agricultural science policies and technology development, Agricultural marketing policy, Agricultural e-commerce, Trade liberalization countermeasures, Import regulation and quarantine, Agricultural circular economy, Eco-friendly agriculture (satoyama and satoumi), and Rural development, etc.

There are two ways to publish your papers on FFTC-AP Platform (the first one is preferred):

1. Submit manuscripts to contracted partners (their contact information can be found on:

2. Submit manuscripts directly to FFTC.

All the manuscripts will be under paper review, which is coordinated by FFTC-AP contracted partners and the FFTC-AP management team. The review process will be normally completed within 14 working days. The authors should then revise their articles, according to reviewers’ comments, and send back to the original contact channel.

Once the papers are accepted and published on the FFTC-AP website, certain amount of remuneration will be paid to the author(s). For more information on paper submission, please contact Ms. Natalie Lu via

We warmly welcome you to submit agricultural policy related papers (at least 1,500 words) to us. Join us and be part of our team!


Modernization of Agrofood Sector for Food Security in Malaysia (36)  2020-05-22
The Philippine Fight against Agricultural Smuggling: Review of Government Policies and Initiatives (295)  2020-05-22
Trends and Discussions on Direct Payment Schemes Reform in Korea: Issues and Suggestions (96)  2020-05-19
Policy Response to Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia (160)  2020-05-15
Rice Economy in Northeast Thailand: Current Status and Challenges (437)  2020-05-11


Lao: COVID-19 and measures adopted by the Government (70)  2020-05-13
Research and agricultural innovation in Lao PDR benefiting smallholders (66)  2020-05-13
Myanmar fisheries sector nears collapse as orders tumble (62)  2020-05-13
Philippines seeking another 300,000 t rice imports amid pandemic (73)  2020-05-13
New Zealand's school climate-change curriculum vexes farmers (62)  2020-05-13